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Played as

  • Toronto Blue Jays (1977 - 2008) – 2 World Championships, 2 Pennants, and 5 Playoff Appearances

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YearLeagueRecordRankManagerHigh PROLow ERA
2008AL East86-76 (.531)4John Gibbons & Cito GastonRiosHalladay
2007AL East83-79 (.512)3John GibbonsThomasHalladay
2006AL East87-75 (.537)2John GibbonsWellsHalladay
2005AL East80-82 (.494)3John GibbonsHillenbrandTowers
2004AL East67-94 (.416)5Carlos Tosca & John GibbonsDelgadoLilly
2003AL East86-79 (.531)3Carlos ToscaDelgadoHalladay
2002AL East83-79 (.512)3Buck Martinez & Carlos ToscaDelgadoHalladay
2001AL East80-82 (.494)3Buck MartinezDelgadoCarpenter
2000AL East83-79 (.512)3Jim FregosiDelgadoWells
1999AL East84-78 (.519)3Jim FregosiGreenHentgen
1998AL East88-74 (.543)3Tim JohnsonDelgadoClemens
1997AL East76-86 (.469)5Cito Gaston & Mel QueenDelgadoClemens
1996AL East74-88 (.457)4Cito GastonDelgadoGuzman
1995AL East56-88 (.389)5Cito GastonAlomarLeiter
1994AL East55-60 (.478)3Cito GastonMolitorHentgen
1993AL East95-67 (.586)1 WSCito GastonOlerudHentgen
1992AL East96-66 (.593)1 WSCito GastonWinfieldGuzman
1991AL East91-71 (.562)1 DivCito Gaston & Gene TenaceCarterKey
1990AL East86-76 (.531)2Cito GastonMcGriffStieb
1989AL East89-73 (.549)1 DivJimy Williams & Cito GastonMcGriffCerutti
1977AL East54-107 (.335)7Roy HartsfieldFairlyGarvin
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